Everyone wants to be on the top of a Google search results page. But, here’s a question: Is it possible to achieve this without tons of money spent on pay-per-click advertising, like Google AdWords, to make it happen? Understanding how search works and what you can do to maximize your visibility in terms of SERP (search engine results pages) can help. In this blog, I’ll cover some top-level concepts that can improve your understanding of the process and key you into specific areas on which to focus. In my next blog, I’ll offer up specific suggestions on what you can do to create an SEORead More →

Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst You want to maintain your customers’ attention and keep them coming back to your website with fresh and interesting content. If they see the same old, same old every time they visit, they are likely to lose interest and it will be much harder to appeal to them in the future. But updating your web pages on a frequent basis isn’t realistic. Posting a new offer every now and then might help, but doing it on a regular basis may not be practical. So what can you do? A great way to keep your website fresh is toRead More →