Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

4thingsWhen I became a marketing manager at a large technology company, I faced my first staffing challenge. I remember talking to my own manager, who gave me an assignment for my team to take on. I didn’t have the bandwidth to do the work myself, and giving it to one of my team would have meant another task getting dropped. I was stuck. A mentor of mine advised me to hire a short term consultant to take on the work. After I determined the budget, I proceeded to bring on that person. That process proved really challenging.Read More →

Andrea Stachnik, slide sets and podcast specialist at Porter Consulting

podcastA lot of people ask us why they should use podcasts to train their staff. Wouldn’t it be better to present a training program with video content, or in a classroom with an instructor? Podcasting as a medium has seen explosive growth in the past few years. This article will explain what sets podcasting apart, and why this can be a great tool that can augment training your staff (especially a sales team). Podcasts are an effective way to complement periodic, hands-on skills sessions and build a resource base of facts and best practices.Read More →

Alison Golan, Social Media Strategy Expert at Porter Consulting

compassAs a former English teacher, I’m a big fan of outlines. When developing any type of content over a few hundred words, your outline is your compass–keeping you on track and heading in the right direction as you write. My clients are experts at their business, so when it comes time to writing about what they do, they often jump right in…without a plan. The result can be a white paper or article that is unorganized and not as effective as it could be.Read More →

improvingSkillsAl Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing at Porter Consulting

In order to grow, every company needs new solutions, products, and services. To improve profitability, those solutions need to be sold more quickly and at higher margins. This means better prepared sales reps that can call higher in organizations and identify opportunities earlier. Last minute, lowest price, RFP responses will not build your business. Proper training is vital to make sure your sales reps are successful.Read More →