Retargeting Campaigns for Social Media

Want to get more attention to your company website?

Retargeting is an effective way to build traffic and have repeat visitors to your website.

Industry wide, website conversion rates hover in the 2% range. That means for every 50 visitors to your site one of them will do something more – sign up for a blog, opt-in, or purchase. There are ways to improve that. While Porter Consulting endorses designing specific website changes to bring your content to the attention of visitors, the fact of the matter is that Retargeting can enhance visitor traffic, conversions, and client business in a significant way.

What is Retargeting and why is it important for small businesses?

When a visitor goes to your business website, they do not always buy or opt-in. Most of the time they will continue to browse through the Internet forgetting all about your website. Retargeting is a way to visually remind a visitor of a site they left behind on a previous search. Most larger companies that sell products or solutions are now using this technology.

How well does Retargeting work?

The average click-through rate offered by display ads is less than 0.1%.  That means that out of a thousand people that view an ad, on average only one will click through to the website.  Through a marketing study, it was found that Retargeting can increase search activity by more than 1000%. Three out of five buyers say that they notice Retargeting ads when they belong to a site they have already visited. Response to internet ads can be boosted by as much as 400% when combined with Retargeting.

Here is what we can offer you:

  1. Retargeting Campaign – We can create a standalone re-targeting campaign for as little as $499 for a two-week campaign. This would include ad design and placement.
  2. Website Redesign – When combined with Website Redesign for Social Media service, the first Retargeting Campaign would be done for you at no cost.