SocialMediaBuilder™ Audit

social-media-marketingHave you evaluated what your competitors are up to?
Do you have a clear view of who’s talking about your business, and what’s being said?

Get a quick, comprehensive view of your social media presence with Porter Consulting.

The SocialMediaBuilder™ Audit offered by Porter Consulting is a comprehensive snapshot of your existing social media presence that benchmarks where you are today and makes recommendations on how you can make improvements.

Here is what you get:

Audit of current social media effectiveness – With this audit, which includes a 1:1 time with a social media expert, you will get the insight you need to create and

implement a strong social media plan. You’ll get additional coaching on how to leverage your in-house resources to turn social media (example report) into a

competitive advantage. Includes a 3-4 page audit report that shows how you are doing versus your competitors and makes recommendations on things you can do to improve.

Right now we are offering this comprehensive service for $300.