6 Reasons to Partner with a Marketing Agency

Under pressure

Today’s digital transformation has touched everything – from engineering to manufacturing to marketing – affecting not only the product delivery model, but also the Buyer’s Journey. Prospects who previously relied upon sales reps to provide them with information now partake in a self-service model, researching options via the internet well in advance of connecting with a company.

Marketing teams are feeling the pressure. They need to cover more bases than ever before and relook at how to engage with customers most effectively. With limited resources, mostly trained in more traditional marketing approaches, the push for new, innovative tactics also causes uncertainty regarding how to set and then execute on priorities.

Should marketing organizations do a 180, to focus exclusively on digital tactics, and abandon previously used methods of customer outreach that may have worked for them in the past? Should they hire a resource or two specifically to work on social media or AdWords? How do these tactics interrelate with other things that are being done? The thing is, while customers may rely less frequently on “old school” marketing motions, digital transformation has introduced more possibilities rather than replaced them. You need both to fully cover the Buyer’s Journey.

Because of the number of marketing tactics available today, marketing motions can become disjointed. Organizations often attempt to do as many as they can handle, forgetting to align them and possibly missing important customer insights. You might remember the complexity of measuring the impact of email marketing on sales. Now one needs to look at the data AdWords and social media can provide, and somehow relate it back to the appropriate follow-up for those leads and the next marketing motion.

Partner with a Marketing Agency and Get the Job Done Right

Maybe it’s time you considered partnering with a marketing agency. Outsourcing activities that are new competencies to your organization by engaging with someone who already knows how is an efficient way to add those capabilities to your tool box. When you partner, agency staff can quickly come up to speed on your business needs, execute on the required marketing motion, and provide a knowledge transfer back to your organization.

But partnering with a marketing agency isn’t just about adding heads to fill gaps in your talent pool. The right agency can help you take that step back and reassess where you’re at and where you want to go. They can help you evaluate what’s working today, determine what’s missing and point out critical relationships.  This can shape your strategy to make the most effective use of your resources, while at the same time offering you ways to address the other areas.

When you talk with someone who has done it before and knows how it all fits together, they can help you come up with a plan, as well as help execute on it.  Content is a great example.  Internet marketing depends on an ongoing pipeline of valuable customer content.  Determining which content to curate or create, and then repurposing and packaging it to maximize views and visits, is a complex task.   An agency is ideal to shepherd that conversation and then pitch in to get it done.

The plan you come up with may determine that it makes sense to retrain your resources and move them into more digital efforts, backfilling legacy marketing motions with agency resources on an as-needed basis. Or it may determine that you should add resources to focus on things like social media and offer ways to connect the insights gained through digital marketing back into the organization so other marketing motions can follow up with potential prospects. It may determine that you already have the talent you need, but that there are times when you need to produce multiple deliverables concurrently. In each case, the agency’s ability to provide resources that can jump in and be a part of the team at a moment’s notice affords you the agility you need to scale your operations.

Six Good Reasons to Partner with an Agency

Partnering with an experienced marketing agency that understands the interrelationships between marketing motions and how to capture and learn from customer data is vital to setting up a plan to market in today’s age of digital transformation. Experienced agencies help you avoid missteps and work with you to not only help you put your best foot forward, but also understand how to best connect with your customer.

When you partner with a marketing agency that has your back you can:

  1. Benefit from outsider perspectives to add best practices and market insight into your organization.
  2. Apply resources more strategically, allowing yourself to expand into new areas.
  3. Quickly add expertise to your organization, filling in skills gaps when and where appropriate.
  4. Save money by adding agility to your cost structure, paying only for what you need, when you need it.
  5. Add quality to your deliverables by bringing in experienced resources.
  6. Gain operational agility and scale, load balancing projects and having additional resources pick up the slack when needed.

At Porter Consulting, we offer analyst, marketing, and brand services, as well as channel and sales support. As part of our analyst, marketing, and brand services, we can supply you with resources for:

  • Whitepapers that bring your messages to market
  • Comprehensive social media marketing, including retargeting campaigns, a social media audit, and website design and redesign
  • Content and collateral development
  • Marketing and brand strategy

As part of our channel and sales support, we offer:

  • Salesforce skills and training
  • Specialized coaching for revenue acceleration
  • Slide sets, webinars, and podcasts

If you’d like to explore how Porter Consulting can improve your market presence and pipeline, as well as extend your resource pool, send us an email at info@porterconsulting.net.

Learn more about how partnering with a marketing agency can help you keep ahead of the competition in our in-depth report “Partner with a Marketing Agency and Get the Job Done”.

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