Brad Porter

Repositioning your Marketing Strategy for the Internet of Things

Brad Porter, Principal, Porter Consulting The Internet of Things is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends in IT. It’s hard to turn on the television these days without seeing an IoT commercial from GE or Cisco. With industry analysts like IDC projecting worldwide IoT spending to approach $1.3 trillion in 2019, and analysts like Gartner …

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Felice Katz, Graphic Designer at Porter Consulting

blimp2I get all sorts of requests to create printed materials that feature detailed artwork. Sometimes the finished art is needed in a large format: 10 foot wide stencils of an old airplane, or maybe trade show banners that need to be seen across a huge exhibit hall. Or on a smaller scale, there’s the 8 ½ x 11 corporate datasheet with lots of charts.

The stencil client says, “Here’s something I grabbed off the internet for that plane art you’re doing. Use this.” The banner client drags a logo from his website to his desktop, emails it to me and asks “Is this good enough quality?” And the datasheet client supplies a photo of a chart someone snapped on an old iPhone. It’s fuzzy.

A Hippo Delivers Happiness – A Holiday Tale

First of a new series – Sharing powerful communications

Mary Allard, Director of Marketing Strategy

hippoFrom time to time, I’ll be posting examples of excellent communications, and I’ll explain why I think that’s so. It might be a great blog, tweet, piece of collateral, or product roll-out. This month I’d like to share a charming TV spot that works on number of levels.

  • It tells a story. We’ve talked a lot in previous blogs about the importance of storytelling in your communication. Storytelling is perhaps the best tool we have as marketers. The story revolves around a little girl and her excitement and wonder in visiting the aquarium. She sees a huge hippo gliding gracefully through the tank and presses her hands against the glass in enchantment. A light goes on for her parents who have the big answer for Christmas. They successfully shop for everything hippo via the US Postal Service.

All vendors sound the same…and how to fix it

Larry Mulhern, Senior Market Analyst

vendorsDid you ever wonder why customers often say, “All you vendors sound the same”? Well, that’s because they often do. Vendors’ messages frequently contain the same buzz words and catch phrases, without saying much of anything different. This problem plagues the entire IT industry.

Why everyone sounds the same

I’ve experienced this problem from all sides. During my years of selling IT, I would rush out to a customer with the latest product solution guide or white paper to explain how my company’s new flashy product was going to change the world. I drank the Kool-Aid and was excited to close a deal quickly. I talked to my best customer who yawned and asked, “Now, will you pay for lunch?” Deflated, I would return to my office, look at the competitor’s website and find that the customer was right. We all had the same message. Words like open, scalable and cost effective are what everyone says. The competition wasn’t saying that they had a closed architecture that couldn’t easily grow and would cost customers an arm and leg for the next ten years.

Avoiding Millennial Pitfalls

Mike Airosus, Porter Consulting blogger

plaidIn our last blog post, we talked about the advantages a millennial workforce gives your organization. We also discussed ways to build an organizational culture that values and integrates employees from different generational groups. In this post, we will look at some of the pitfalls and risks of cultivating a millennial-centric corporate culture.

Multitasking and Distractions

We mentioned the adept use of technology and ability to multitask as some of the greatest advantages millennials bring to today’s workplace. However, there are downsides to the way millennials switch from one device, app, web page or communication method to another. With the many different ways millennials communicate and perform their work, becoming distracted or easily diverted from a task is a risk.


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