Brad Porter

Using Enterprise-experienced Contractors

Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

magManAs an agency owner, one of the most effective things I can do for my client is help them bring on an experienced resource to successfully support their marketing, sales or technology efforts. You might notice I use the term contractor versus consultant. That terminology is on purpose. Over the years, I’ve noticed that consultants are often associated with working on nebulous projects where recommendations are made and no action is taken. Of course, this type of wasted effort doesn’t do anyone any good.

On the Road to SC15 – Calling in the Cavalry

Nanci Vogtli, Product Management Consultant

cavalryNovember is just around the corner. So what’s in your game plan as an exhibitor? Let’s think about the show last year. Were you ready to rock and roll, or did it turn into a last minute fire drill, and you still aren’t sure what opportunities may have been missed? Was it an event that built momentum, or did your team run out of steam?

Hiring Consultants as Potential Employees

Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

hireWhen I talk to managers about resource needs, many are lamenting the fact that they cannot bring on a fulltime employee due to budget constraints, head count restrictions, etc. Instead, they are forced to hire a consultant in order to get the work done. Rather than looking at hiring a consultant as a poor second choice, maybe it is better to approach this process differently — as a long job interview.

Social Media has Shifted the Marketing and PR Cosmos. Forever.

Mary Allard, Director of Marketing Strategy at Porter Consulting

cosmosAs I was sitting in the audience of a leading technology company’s annual customer event, I could feel the interest and enthusiasm radiating from the customers. The company is at the forefront of their marketplace, enjoying high degrees of loyalty from their customer base. Those that know them love them. And therein lays the problem:

Remember these 4 things when hiring consultants to do real work

Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

4thingsWhen I became a marketing manager at a large technology company, I faced my first staffing challenge. I remember talking to my own manager, who gave me an assignment for my team to take on. I didn’t have the bandwidth to do the work myself, and giving it to one of my team would have meant another task getting dropped. I was stuck. A mentor of mine advised me to hire a short term consultant to take on the work. After I determined the budget, I proceeded to bring on that person. That process proved really challenging.

3 Reasons to Train Your Team with Podcasts

Andrea Stachnik, slide sets and podcast specialist at Porter Consulting

podcastA lot of people ask us why they should use podcasts to train their staff. Wouldn’t it be better to present a training program with video content, or in a classroom with an instructor? Podcasting as a medium has seen explosive growth in the past few years. This article will explain what sets podcasting apart, and why this can be a great tool that can augment training your staff (especially a sales team). Podcasts are an effective way to complement periodic, hands-on skills sessions and build a resource base of facts and best practices.


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