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Available Now: CyberArk and Red Hat OpenShift Secrets Management Roadmap

Is enhancing security in your containerized environment high on your priority list for 2022? If not, it should be, because containers are becoming a primary target of attacks due to the powerful credentialing used to run their applications. 

Having a way to pass secrets from developers to containers to cloud access points is essential. Red Hat and CyberArk collaborated on a detail that outlines how you can adopt DevSecOps practices and improve secrets management. 

This detail (aka whitepaper) will walk you through practical implementation steps organizations should take while using Red Hat® OpenShift®  along with CyberArk Secrets Manager to enhance security. It addresses key areas such as how:

  • Containerized applications access and fetch secrets.
  • Secrets are managed and rotated. 
  • To simplify and accelerate how developers adopt security-focused practices.

You can download this useful guide here.

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