Best Practices

We offer tools, assets, and expertise to create demand generation programs, increase prospect pipeline, improve sales processes, train sales teams & partners, at every stage of the buyer's journey. Click the icons below to learn more.

Create Awareness

Generating market awareness means building interest in your products and services that can translate into sales pipeline. 

Lead Generation

Decide where your leads will come from…installed base or new business? Consumer or Business-to-Business?

Lead Conversion

Effective lead conversion works well with a well created, implementable plan that is based both on content and connection with your prospects.

Growth Opportunities

Our team of industry experts works closely with you to understand your addressable market, and any adjacent opportunities to mine for revenue growth and market share. We jointly identify strategic and tactical marketing, selling or product optimizations that will target your product, service or solution. We size your markets, develop crisp messaging to amplify your voice, attract clients and if needed, develop your business plans.

Competitive Edge

We know the technology industry; from both the client’s and end-user customer perspective. We tease out the unique capabilities of your market offering to engage your prospects and customers in compelling ways. One example is high value testimonials and peer advice that your customers or prospects use to make informed competitive buying decisions. Endorsements are influential marketing tools as they turn customer commentary into compelling collateral that builds trust and accelerates the sales cycle.

Sales Velocity

Porter Consulting can up-level your sales representatives’ skills on specific market opportunities or broader topics such as customer engagement, deal prioritization, and opportunity management. Our consultants have extensive experience with large scale complex sale opportunities and opportunity task management. They frequently support IT channel partners on campaigns with deal sizes of $50k to $500k.

New Projects

You’ve just created a new solution for your customers or partners, driving new revenue opportunities. Your goal is to get to market rapidly, but only limited resources are available. We are skilled to easily integrate with your team to seamlessly ramp up marketing professionals resources in a unified approach.

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