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Supercharging Sales with Innovative Collateral

Video and social media are the secrets to boosting sales in Customer Reference Marketing Your company probably already has a bustling customer reference program, keeping you familiar with the traditional collateral options: slide decks, case studies, solution snapshots, and technical papers. These options get the job done. But, we believe there is something more powerful …

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Making Time for Strategy

Being a small business owner seems equal parts exhilaration and frustration. If you’ve just hung out your shingle as a start-up, congratulations! You just assumed responsibility for absolutely everything. If, instead, your firm has matured a bit to hire employees, the prism turns but the responsibilities are just as daunting. When asked about their strategy …

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Solution selling. Four marketing tactics that can help you get ahead.

influencerAl Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing and Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst

As we’ve discussed, solution selling is different from other sales in the fact that you need to bring multiple stakeholders to the conclusion that your solution is the best option. By identifying specific stakeholder personas, you can craft your content to target their specific pain points. And by understanding where and when to target them along the buyer’s journey, you know what pieces of collateral you need to create to bring your message to their doorstep.

Now we’d like to give you some practical advice on the last mile: four marketing tactics to get your message absorbed and acted on. The tactics are Social Media, Direct Marketing, Sales Tools, and Gated Content.

Applying the principle of Fast Fail to the sales process

Al Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing

bullseyeEveryone wants a full pipeline. A full pipeline means more opportunities, and all things being equal, more closed business. But – are all things equal? Is your pipeline stuffed with wheat or chaff? From a marketers point of view, we need to do everything we can to help sales winnow the chaff quickly, consistently and positively.

Fast Fail is an approach widely applied in software development. This concept is described in the article, Fast failure: The secret to fostering more IT innovation than your competitors. The author explains, “Without failure there can be no innovation, learning, or transitioning in an organization, and the organization that never fails often stagnates and becomes irrelevant. What’s difficult is learning to accept failure, and encouraging that behavior throughout your organization.”

Solution selling. It’s all about delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.

contentBy Al Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing and Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst

In our previous blog on solution selling, we discussed the importance of understanding your customer well enough so that you could create a profile for each stakeholder in the decision-making process. In this blog, we will focus on mapping content to different points in the buyer’s journey. Applying best fit marketing tools at each point can help you get your messages to the right stakeholder at the right time.

Although there are variations, the buyer’s journey encompasses three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Marketing tasks vary by stage, requiring marketers to influence customer thinking in different ways across the journey.

Solution selling: stakeholder personas

stakeholders Porter ConsultingAl Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing and Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst

In our previous blog, we discussed how important solution selling has become and the complexity it introduces. We also outlined three steps one can take to be successful at marketing solutions. They include:

  1. Establish stakeholder persona templates
  2. Map content delivery according to the buyer’s journey
  3. Focus on role-specific message marketing that targets value propositions to each stakeholder

Let’s take a closer look at how establishing stakeholder persona templates can support the solution selling process.


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