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Solution selling: yes, it’s more complex, but it’s what today’s customers demand.

Al Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing and Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst

sparklyToday’s buyers are highly informed, being well-served by an internet that lets them broadly research individual products. But the data deluge they encounter can also serve to confuse matters. If they have a need for speed and simplicity, they will often gravitate to predefined or pre-configured product combinations. Their needs, however, are not always simple and often involve a combination of products. In an effort to capture these customers, solution selling is more vital than ever before.

Beating Business Disruptors at their Own Game

Dale Rensing, Porter Consulting Senior Market Analyst

disruptThere are key moments in history when technological advancements occur at a point when conditions are ripe for change. This convergence ultimately brings about a revolutionary shift in the way things are done. The printing press, the cotton gin, the automobile, the electronic calculator – each had a profound effect on many different social norms. Digital media is such a technology. As predicted, it has ushered in a new Information Age. What could not be predicted was how it would disrupt time-honored ways of doing business.

Step aside social media. Email marketing continues to reign supreme.

Brad Porter, president of Porter Consulting

puzzzleAt a time where everyone seems to live and die by social media stats such as likes, tweets and followers–who would have guessed that that email still reigns supreme? Yet, that is exactly what current research is telling us.

I read with interest a blog by Kissmetrics, Which Lead Generation Tactics Get the Best Results? based on a July 2015 report by Ascend2. And yes, you guessed it. Email still is the best lead generation tactic by far—easily beating out social media marketing (a 48% to 26% comparable success rate)! Yet, what I found even more interesting was that email marketing is not only the best way to reach customers, but it is also the least difficult way to do so. That’s because email has been around for a very long time, and people are extremely comfortable using it.

12 best practices for creating and growing profitable business alliances

Al Morgan, Director, Solution Marketing at Porter Consulting

puzzleBusiness Alliance: An agreement between two firms to align resources and combine offerings to improve customer satisfaction and extend market reach.

Business alliances extend the value you can bring to customers. Choosing the right partner and effectively nurturing the alliance through the early days will pay back in happy customers, market share and profit.

How to hold an event that drives business

eventAl Morgan, Director, Solution Marketing at Porter Consulting

Many of our clients hold events in order to present useful technology solutions to new prospects or stay in touch with current clients. Successful events bring together the right people at the right stage in order to advance a sale or open a new door.

But holding a poorly planned and executed event actually can do you more harm than good—and can waste time and money. You are better off not holding an event than having one where the attendees have little in common and are not actively considering options.

Microsoft 10 upgrade and HP Inc.’s earnings report

windowsBrad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

While this article in The Register about HP Inc.’s earnings report was a bit tongue-in-cheek, I don’t think it should be overlooked that the Microsoft 10 upgrade has caused some havoc in the marketplace. The author of the article believes that HP Inc. is blaming Microsoft for its dismal first quarter because it hasn’t spurred enough people to buy HP-branded PCs.


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