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Porter Consulting News: Health and Fitness Technology Market

Alison Golan, Social Media Strategy Expert at Porter Consulting

cellphoneThe growing accessibility of data is driving new opportunities for companies in the health and fitness industry. Technology is also rapidly changing the way individuals are able to monitor and improve their health and fitness and the way service providers and retailers are able to engage customers.

Blocking the Partner Lead “Black Hole”

Al Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing, Porter Consulting

stylus-300x200Many of our clients comment that sales reps at their channel partners do not consistently jump on the high value leads that campaigns deliver to them. Many leads seem to fall into a “black hole” of inaction. Here are some key things you need to lock down before the campaign starts in order to eliminate those black holes.

Sales Skills – Learning by Doing

Al Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing at Porter Consulting

salesSkillspngIn my last article about training, I laid out some ideas about developing skills by delivering them in manageable chunks. We find most folks like learning by doing, so our goal is just enough information, just in time. This time, let’s look at what goes into the chunks and how to make sure they get absorbed.

Improving Sales Rep Selling Skills

improvingSkillsAl Morgan, Director of Solution Marketing at Porter Consulting

In order to grow, every company needs new solutions, products, and services. To improve profitability, those solutions need to be sold more quickly and at higher margins. This means better prepared sales reps that can call higher in organizations and identify opportunities earlier. Last minute, lowest price, RFP responses will not build your business. Proper training is vital to make sure your sales reps are successful.


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