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Imagine you’ve just created a new service for your partners, perhaps a way of helping them work with you more closely to develop and market joint solutions, driving new revenue opportunities for both your companies. Your service aims at helping them define and promote the solution, given that their limited resources are mostly focused on development. Your management is onboard, and you’ve already developed a systematic approach that partners will flock to as soon as they learn about it.

But, even though you come from a larger company, there are limits to your resources. You don’t have a dedicated marketing staff. Corporate marketing resources are focused on strategic marketing campaigns. Most of your resources are dedicated to speaking with partners directly. How are you going to get the word out and, afterwards, manage the requests for help coming in?

This was the challenge one of our clients recently faced. Their new program had the potential of driving millions of dollars in revenue. But they only had a small team – a few people in the US and another couple in Europe.

The client reached out to us to help them promote and educate their partners on the service and its process. The group wasn’t entirely sure what they needed – they just knew that they needed a way to spread the word and manage the resulting requests to use the service. Working closely with their teams in both the US and Europe, Porter Consulting was able to do a requirements analysis and come up with a proposal that defined a way to off-load their resources and expand the visibility of the project through online self-service resources.

Listening closely to the client’s needs and employing principles used successfully on other projects, we identified important touch-points where their partners could use assets to help them move along in the process. The assets first provided an understanding of the value of the program and then assisted their partners with the defining of solutions according to the program’s prescription. Normally, the client’s entire team would need to fly from place to place, speaking with partners individually. The development of these tools enabled the client’s program to scale without such a burden.

That isn’t to say they didn’t add resources. As a matter of fact, we continue to work with this client as a part of their extended team.  Our writers work to help document and create promotional tools for the partner solutions that come out of this effort. Our ability to integrate easily into a team, understanding both the technical and cultural aspects of our client’s agendas, offloads them quickly and allows them to focus elsewhere while we get the job done.

The Porter Consulting team was an extension of our in-house team and acclimated very well into our corporate culture and team dynamic. They quickly learned what our needs were and easily filled the gaps with their expertise and talents. That made the on-boarding process very easy and helped us keep up with the hectic pace of our internal and external deadlines without missing a beat. Our team greatly benefited from adding them as it enabled us not only to meet the multitude of deadlines we had but to have time for strategic planning and messaging. They integrated so well with us that customers and partners knew them as part of our company’s team.

-Kelley Richardson, past client

This is only one example of how we work seamlessly with our customers. Past client, Kelley Richardson, commented once “They integrated so well with us that customers and partners knew them as part of our company’s team.” Word of this new program has spread quickly, and dozens of partners are now asking to participate. It is now operating like well-oiled machinery, cranking out new revenue opportunities on a regular basis.

Do you have marketing issues you need to solve but don’t quite know how to address them? Do you need help coming up with ideas on how to drive revenue? Porter Consulting can help. We aren’t just a marketing service provider. We are a business partner that can help you ascertain what’s needed and work with you to build it. We can help you identify critical challenges and prescribe marketing processes to address them, working closely with you to successfully close business.

Many companies take advantage of services like ours. A 2017 Creative Industry Report found that 68% of in-house teams partner with external agencies. That number went up in their 2018 report, increasing to 77%. RSW/US, a business development group for marketing services firm, reported as early as 2016 that “74% of marketers report having more than two agencies and that 17% use more than five agency partners.”

As Ashley Zeckman, in her TopRank Marketing blog, points out in her Learn How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Agency Investment blog, services like ours can be used strategically to augment the resources you have and fill in when there’s a need for expertise that currently doesn’t exist within your organization. Ashley also provides some excellent guidance on how to ensure the process works smoothly and can be optimized for your benefit.

Connect with Porter Consulting today. Send us an email at info@porterconsulting.net. Like other clients, you may not know exactly what you need. But that’s where our creativity kicks in. Let us work with you to help guide you in new and innovative ways.

Dale Rensing has been helping customers envision the benefits of technology, from local area networks to cloud technologies and IoT for over 25 years.  You can find more blogs and content from Dale at www.porterconsulting.net.  Porter Consulting is a marketing services consulting company who can you help you grow revenue.

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