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Lead Generation


Decide where your leads will come from…installed base or new business? Consumer or Business-to-Business?


Reference these blog posts outlining ROI for social media and how to work around disruption in the buyer's journey.

Porter Consulting is Helping to Solve the Lead to Pipeline Problem

What problem are we trying to solve for Vendors / Distributors/VARs? (The entity that will write us a check?) Vendor/Distributor/VAR: The main problem holding back my business is…. How can I get more real sales opportunities into my pipeline? At all. Affordably. Without having to deal with a lot of non-opportunities. “How do I run a 100-lead campaign and then focus on the 10, 20, or 30 most promising leads – leads that meet all of the key criteria for success – and add a significant portion of them to the sale pipeline?” I need an “Easy” button for lead gen or the pipeline. PerhapsRead More →

Take Action

1. Consistently push social media posts and blogging.

2. Develop offers that meet your target market needs – feature, price, ease of use.

3. Create success stories and practical content to attract and maintain the interest of your prospects.

4. Get help and get going!

Why Porter Consulting for Generating Leads

At Porter Consulting, we apply best practices to generate, and nurture leads at every stage in your marketing funnel.  We work with you to develop laser focused targeted messaging, content deliverables and easy to use opt-in strategies to reach and curate leads from your target market. Through in-depth reviews and analysis using our Question-Based Methodology we uncover key solution buying criteria and business needs. We offer services and partnerships or email outreach, telemarketing, tradeshows and accompanying social media.

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Supporting technology clients to attain and maintain market leadership.

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