Analyst Services

Analyst Services

cover2 Based on interest and information, we develop deliverables that are all part of the Porter Crunch Time Series, an independent analysis of products, solutions or services being offered.  Analyst research is done via white paper, slide set, webinar, and online discussion customized to a client’s needs.  This effort includes the use of analytic software tools to evaluate client databases to uncover platform sales opportunities.

All of our analysis is done by industry experts  with deep knowledge of the product or client.  Whitepapers typically take on a problem or issue, suggesting a solution or choice of solutions to the prospective client.  They written in a straightforward matter so that both the issue and solution are easily understandable, and applicable in your business.

Case Studies – Our external case studies are based on interviews and research. Interviews are always performed by consultants with peer-level knowledge.

Porter delivers a range of case studies:

  • Short Alliance-related case studies, which demonstrate that two companies (hardware and software for example) can work together to create a solution.
  • Post implementation successes – These more extensive case studies outline a company’s success with a customer; description of business problem, solution offered, and some relevant background is included. The case study includes a writeup of implementation, cost savings, greater customer capability. These studies are typically conducted by vertical market and can be used as industry reference.
  • Business problem investigation and case study report; typically these reports are internal in nature. The objective of these studies is to investigate a process, market, or product issue from an external, unbiased perspective.  Because of this detailed research, Porter will make specific recommendations to our clients for the next steps and action plan.