Everyone wants a full pipeline. A full pipeline means more opportunities, and all things being equal, more closed business. But – are all things equal? Is your pipeline stuffed with wheat or chaff? From a marketers point of view, we need to do everything we can to help sales winnow the chaff quickly, consistently and positively. Fast Fail is an approach widely applied in software development. This concept is described in the article, Fast failure: The secret to fostering more IT innovation than your competitors. The author explains, “Without failure there can be no innovation, learning, or transitioning in an organization, and the organization that neverRead More →

In my blog, Has Social Media Failed SMB B2B Businesses? Part 1 – The ROI Problem, I shared an issue we hear a lot – How do small-to-medium (SMB) sized B2B businesses show a dollar-based return on investment (ROI) with social media? Until social platforms mature to the point where these companies can make predictable revenue directly attributable to their posts, it’s going to remain a very difficult question to answer. Right now, B-to-B interactions involve activities like EDI exchanges, supply chain or ERP activities, or possibly help-desk questions and responses.  Social media is not yet viewed as an imperative part of this communication mix,Read More →

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Imagine you’ve just created a new service for your partners, perhaps a way of helping them work with you more closely to develop and market joint solutions, driving new revenue opportunities for both your companies. Your service aims at helping them define and promote the solution, given that their limited resources are mostly focused on development. Your management is onboard, and you’ve already developed a systematic approach that partners will flock to as soon as they learn about it. But, even though you come from a larger company, there are limits to your resources. You don’t have a dedicated marketing staff. Corporate marketing resources areRead More →