Hiring Consultants as Potential Employees

Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

hireWhen I talk to managers about resource needs, many are lamenting the fact that they cannot bring on a fulltime employee due to budget constraints, head count restrictions, etc. Instead, they are forced to hire a consultant in order to get the work done. Rather than looking at hiring a consultant as a poor second choice, maybe it is better to approach this process differently — as a long job interview.

Remember these 4 things when hiring consultants to do real work

Brad Porter, President of Porter Consulting

4thingsWhen I became a marketing manager at a large technology company, I faced my first staffing challenge. I remember talking to my own manager, who gave me an assignment for my team to take on. I didn’t have the bandwidth to do the work myself, and giving it to one of my team would have meant another task getting dropped. I was stuck. A mentor of mine advised me to hire a short term consultant to take on the work. After I determined the budget, I proceeded to bring on that person. That process proved really challenging.


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