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Porter Consulting News: Health and Fitness Technology Market

Alison Golan, Social Media Strategy Expert at Porter Consulting

cellphoneThe growing accessibility of data is driving new opportunities for companies in the health and fitness industry. Technology is also rapidly changing the way individuals are able to monitor and improve their health and fitness and the way service providers and retailers are able to engage customers.

On the Road to SC15 – Calling in the Cavalry

Nanci Vogtli, Product Management Consultant

cavalryNovember is just around the corner. So what’s in your game plan as an exhibitor? Let’s think about the show last year. Were you ready to rock and roll, or did it turn into a last minute fire drill, and you still aren’t sure what opportunities may have been missed? Was it an event that built momentum, or did your team run out of steam?

Content as Bait

Al Morgan, director, solution marketing at Porter Consulting

baitOur clients are always looking at the most efficient way to convert content to cash. The recent CMO Council report provides some fascinating insights about what folks do, and what works (not always the same thing). Eric Wittlake has some great insights on combining gated and non-gated content to get your message out. For content distribution, quantity and quality are hard to get at the same time, but a combined program can pay dividends.

Social Media has Shifted the Marketing and PR Cosmos. Forever.

Mary Allard, Director of Marketing Strategy at Porter Consulting

cosmosAs I was sitting in the audience of a leading technology company’s annual customer event, I could feel the interest and enthusiasm radiating from the customers. The company is at the forefront of their marketplace, enjoying high degrees of loyalty from their customer base. Those that know them love them. And therein lays the problem:


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