Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy

At Porter Consulting, we have a team of senior-level consultants with over 340 years of collective Customer Reference Program experience.

We know the technology industry—from both the client’s and end-user customer’s perspectives. We understand the value of engaging technology customers to capture a competitive edge. Buyers seek out testimonials and peer advice to make informed IT decisions. Endorsements are influential marketing tools because they document and help justify the business case for technology investments. As high-tech specialists, we turn customer commentary into compelling collateral that builds trust, creates awareness, and accelerates the sales cycle.

Do you want a business partner to augment and assimilate with your sales, marketing and public relations teams? This is where we shine. We integrate easily into your business framework, whether you have an existing reference program or are building a new one.

We can help with:

  • designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive customer reference programs,
  • originating ideas to enhance existing programs, and
  • showcasing credible business results from customer engagements.

Customer References:

We can help you build, sustain, and scale a customer reference program that provides value to your customers.

Customer references are in high demand, and many times are the key to closing large business deals. But these programs come with a variety of challenges, including no-reference policies, lack of candidates, over-use of some customers, last-minute Request-for-Proposal requests, and more…And acquisition of new customer references can be a challenge. 

Implementing a customer-first approach to a reference program re-positions this as a strategic opportunity to showcase your customer in ways that are important to them. We have over 20 years of experience with customer reference programs and know how to deliver! We’re experienced with many of the industry’s technologies and developing the right content for customer references, including case studies, customer stories, use cases, infographics, thought leadership articles, and more.

In the era of customer empowerment, creating content that provides value to your audience and helps move them along the buyer’s journey is critical; as such, it continues to be an area of budget expansion for most CMO’s. In fact, 85% of CMO’s indicate that content marketing is their primary area of budget responsibility. (Source)

Customer Advocacy:

How can you harness the passion of your customers to drive business growth, while increasing the value they get from your company? Develop a customer advocacy strategy and program. Many of your customers are already willing and eager to provide input into product development, connect with other customers, and refer new ones.

Customer advocacy programs can be a great mechanism to scale a reference program and solicit new references that can funnel back into your reference program. Advocacy programs can also be a tool to engage customers to provide feedback on products, messaging, and more – and can be faster and easier than focus groups or surveys.