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Increase Sales Velocity


Porter Consulting can up-level your sales representatives’ skills on specific market opportunities or broader topics such as customer engagement, deal prioritization, and opportunity management. Our consultants have extensive experience with large scale complex sale opportunities and opportunity task management. They frequently support IT channel partners on campaigns with deal sizes of $50k to $500k.

Porter implements creative sales programs using marketing professionals many who were quota- carrying enterprise sales professionals.  The Object is to Sell More, and Faster with Porter Consulting’s skills development solutions.


Take advantage of this crunch-time paper on outbound marketing & demand generation.

Take Action

1. Increase the number of sales opportunities.  Having too many deals to work on is usually a good problem to have, but you should only focus on prospects that are the right fit for your solution.

2. Drive up your average deal size. this can be tricky. Understand your core offering and what up-sell and complementary solutions exist.

3. Do in-depth sales discovery. Understand why your prospect is looking for a new solution, uncover their pain and determine the urgency behind solving it.

Why Porter for Increasing Sales Velocity

You’ve just created a new solution for your customers or partners, driving new revenue opportunities. Your goal is to get to market rapidly, but your team is stretched already. Porter consultants are experts at easily integrating with your team to fill in your resource pool. We work in harmony with the technical and cultural aspects of your company. Porter can scale rapidly, extending your team so they can apply their strengths while we take on complementary tasks. Porter can also provide knowledge transfer so that specialty tasks can be eventually taken over by your team.

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Additional Resources

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Supporting technology clients to attain and maintain market leadership.

For more information: email | Offices in: California, Paris and Singapore

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