Marketing and Brand Strategy

mktg-brand-strage2New Rules, New Opportunities

Age-old marketing patterns are being shattered in the new era of social media.

When the lights went out for 36 minutes during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo quickly tweeted “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark”.  It was re-tweeted tens of thousands of times within 30 minutes and was judged one of the most effective ads that year. It cost next to nothing yet garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions, and residual recognition for the Oreo brand.

Traditional one-way “interruption” communication from a company to its prospective customer just isn’t enough anymore. Big-budget advertising campaigns, once the proud badge of relevance, and splashy events for the media, once must-haves to get noticed, are falling by the wayside.

Companies now must wade – if not jump – into an arena populated by sophisticated, engaged consumers and impress audiences that already know what they’re looking for.

The Porter Approach

Porter Consulting’s Brand and Marketing Strategic Design Practice can help you evaluate your current state in this new paradigm, including:

  • Strategic messaging
  • Market position
  • Tactical execution
  • Competition
  • Constituencies

Porter will help you develop a strategic framework and build a road map to your desired end state:

  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Viral marketing
  • Blogs
  • Traditional elements too!

Porter can develop comprehensive recommendations for both strategic and tactical deployment. We help you follow up and measure your progress. And, most importantly, we help you meet your desired goals. Today’s go-to-market strategy is all about delivering content at the exact moment your targets need and expect it. Porter arms your company with the tools – new and traditional – that help reach your customers AND help your customers find YOU.