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Create Awareness


Generating market awareness means building interest in your products and services that can translate into sales pipeline. 


Take advantage of these crunch-time papers on social and media and marketing support.

Take Action

1. Choose your awareness goals. Is it market share, solution differentiation or introduction of a new product?

2. Make your goals measurable. Be sure to identify what success looks like and what information and tools are needed for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement.

3. Segment your market to find the best way to reach your target audience. And, get creative to ensure your message is cutting through the noise. 4. Get help and get going!

What about Social Media for Awareness?

Here at Porter Consulting, we can assist you with the needed content development, tools and approaches to reach your prospects or customers. Social Media can become part of your Awareness process, no matter what business you are in. Porter can develop comprehensive, cost-effective, actionable recommendations for strategic and tactical deployment. We help you follow up and measure your progress. And, most importantly, we help you meet your desired goals.

Get in Touch.

Additional Resources

Yes. You Need Customer References, and Here Are the Top 4 Reasons Why

Marketing managers use several tools for converting prospects into buyers.  If your business is not using customers to tell compelling stories about your products or services, you are missing out on one of the best tools you have. Four reasons why customer references are indispensable in today’s sales environment: References build your credibility Customer references help establish credibility. They also help balance out bias that all prospects know is part of a salesperson’s pitch.  That’s because a customer’s story presents the experiences of people outside your company—people who actually use your products. Just as you’re more likely to believe a friend that praises a restaurantRead More →

Applying the Principle of the Fast Fail in the Sales Process

Everyone wants a full pipeline. A full pipeline means more opportunities, and all things being equal, more closed business. But – are all things equal? Is your pipeline stuffed with wheat or chaff? From a marketers point of view, we need to do everything we can to help sales winnow the chaff quickly, consistently and positively. Fast Fail is an approach widely applied in software development. This concept is described in the article, Fast failure: The secret to fostering more IT innovation than your competitors. The author explains, “Without failure there can be no innovation, learning, or transitioning in an organization, and the organization that neverRead More →

Solution selling. Four marketing tactics that can help you get ahead.

As we’ve discussed, solution selling is different from other sales in the fact that you need to bring multiple stakeholders to the conclusion that your solution is the best option. By identifying specific stakeholder personas, you can craft your content to target their specific pain points. And by understanding where and when to target them along the buyer’s journey, you know what pieces of collateral you need to create to bring your message to their doorstep. Now we’d like to give you some practical advice on the last mile: four marketing tactics to get your message absorbed and acted on. The tactics are Social Media, Direct Marketing, SalesRead More →

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