Marketing and Branding

We can help you develop a comprehensive plan and recommendations for all of your marketing needs, including:

Content Development & Collateral

Porter has expertise specializes in developing and creating marketing deliverables such as infographics, eBooks and Solution Briefs that increase visibility, promote products, and close deals.

Market Positioning

Porter will help you evaluate and properly define and position your brand.

Messaging and Value Proposition Creation

Porter will help you craft your story and differentiating value to customers.

Website Content and Design

Porter Consulting takes a strategic approach to the implementation of a clients’ website. We create, develop, implement and manage websites as part of our clients’ larger brand strategy. In addition, based on our client’s needs, we provide services to incorporate digital and social media capabilities and ADA compliance requirements into websites.

We help you follow up and measure your progress. And, most importantly, we help you meet your desired goals.