Slide Sets and Podcasts

podcast300Whether communicating to the sales force, customers, or to an internal audience, it’s always important to grab and maintain their attention while you are conveying key information. And it is useful to have an engaging and appropriate style. For that reason, we have developed and perfected several methods for accomplishing this goal – talking slide sets and podcasts.

Engaging the audience effectively: Podcasting and Talking Slide sets

If you want to continually improve sales force effectiveness, consider Porter Consulting Podcasting and Talking Slide sets. These allow you to maintain mindshare with your sales team to keep them abreast of new opportunities and best practices. For instance, sharing insights and success stories from your key executives, partners and customers. Porter can deliver this content as a video or audio presentation, and/or as a “talking” interactive slides. These presentations are economical to produce, easy to absorb, and can be quickly updated with new information. We make it easy on presenters with low-key but professional recording practices. These presentations are most effective when delivered as an ongoing series, or a library of related topics.

Now, you can easily communicate information to your team on their schedule. Sales reps or others on your team can subscribe to podcasts via RSS for easy delivery to their smartphone, tablet, or computer – in the office or on the road.

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