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SocialMediaBuilder™ Service

socialmedsquareIs it time to get serious with social media?
Are you making the most of social media tools for your business?
Have you evaluated what your competitors are up to?
Do you have a clear view of who’s talking about your business, and what’s being said?

Improve your social media results with Porter Consulting.

The SocialMediaBuilder™ Service offered by Porter Consulting is a comprehensive service that benchmarks and then accelerates your results with social media.

Here is what you get:

  1. Audit of current social media effectiveness – With this audit, which includes a 1:1 time with a social media expert, you will get the insight you need to create and implement a strong social media plan. You’ll get additional coaching on how to leverage your in-house resources to turn social media into a competitive advantage. Includes a 3-4 page audit report (example report) that shows how you are doing versus your competitors and makes recommendations on things you can do to improve.
  2. Setup of up to 3 social media platforms – Most organizations have presence on multiple platforms. We cleanup your existing presence and set you up to be more efficient. This is very important to build out your social media capabilities and will cut time spent managing your online presence.  More social media platforms can be setup and managed if desired – just let us know up front.
  3. Management of complete social media presence for 3 months – We’ll manage your social media presence, including multiple posts per week and blog posting. At Porter Consulting we understand that your business objectives are both short-term and long-term. We can help you use social media to achieve results, whether it is long term establishment of reputation and social media presence or shorter term sales oriented.
  4. Measurement of Results – At the end of 3 months we will repeat the Social Media Audit to evaluate performance improvement, determine next steps, and make recommendations.
  5. Strategy and Training – We’ll meet with you each month to discuss strategy and approach, as well as recap the previous month. Includes 90-minute training session at the end of the 3 month period to hand off social media management to one of your employees.

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