Website Design for Social Media Enablement

web redesignWant your company to be more active on Social Media but unsure what to do? Does your website need to be organized better to attract clients?  We can help you. Have your website redesigned to make all of your content quickly accessible and available in easy-to-find locations.

The Website Redesign Service offered by Porter Consulting is a service intended to make your business site more social media friendly. Use our experience in social media to ensure that you have a website that provides visitors with an excellent first impression and the content you want them to see right at their fingertips. Your objective should be to get more business from your visitors, and we can help you do that.

Here is what you get:

Website Content: A review of your current website content and any additions you want to make. The objective will be to identify specifically social media content that will gain attention and interest.

Website Design: Site design is intended to make it social media friendly, as well as boosting the site on search engine results. The objective is to gain the attention of new visitors who may only scan the site quickly before deciding to move on AND allow those users to interact and share your content with their social media friends and followers.  Your design should include at least a few of the following elements.  If you do not have any of these elements on your website, you are not harnessing the power of social media:


Social Icons

Social media buttons should be visible and be displayed on the top, bottom or along the side of your home page.  These are the icons that users click to go to your social media platforms.

Scheduling Posts

If you post comments or blog, make sure they are automatically pushing out to your social media platforms in real time.  No need to waste time re-posting to all your different outlets.

Social Media Feeds

If you use social media to keep your customers updated on your recent activities and events it is  a good idea to showcase your Facebook posts or Twitter feeds directly on your website also.

Content Gateways

A content gateway restricts the website-goer from retrieving all the content you are offering until they like or share your page. Be careful of this one…should be used only if you are giving away something of value, like downloading a white paper, or giving out a sample product.


Social Sharing

Share buttons enable website users to effortlessly and seamlessly share or recommend your product and services across their entire network.  Try it at the bottom of this page!

Google Analytics

Pay attention to the way in which individuals are using your social media buttons by tapping into Google Analytics and understanding how many people are actually clicking on your outbound social media links.


Website Management: Ongoing Management of your site for at least the first month to ensure that that the service we have provided meets your needs.

Integration with SocialMediaBuilder™ : We can integrate your Website redesign to include our comprehensive social media audit and management service if desired. This is an ideal combination of implementation, status check, and ongoing social media management.

Retargeting Campaign:  Clients purchasing our Website Design service will receive their first Retargeting Campaign at no charge.

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