Research & Analysis

Porter Consulting offers a wide range of research and analysis tools with the objective of improving sales or market position. The desired results are achieved via white paper, slide set, webinar, and online discussion - all customized to a client’s needs.

We created Porter Crunch Time Series, an independent analysis of products, solutions or services offered in a way that helps in timely decision making. This effort includes the use of analytic software tools to evaluate client databases to uncover platform sales opportunities.

All of our analysis is done by industry experts with deep knowledge of the product or client. Whitepapers typically take on a problem or issue, suggesting a solution or choice of solutions to the prospective client. They are written in a straightforward manner so that both the issue and solution are easily understandable, and applicable in your business.

We also offer external case studies based on interviews and research. Interviews are always performed by consultants with peer-level knowledge.

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