Porter Consulting is Helping to Solve the Lead to Pipeline Problem

What problem are we trying to solve for Vendors / Distributors/VARs?

(The entity that will write us a check?)

Vendor/Distributor/VAR: The main problem holding back my business is….

  1. How can I get more real sales opportunities into my pipeline?
    1. At all.
    2. Affordably.
    3. Without having to deal with a lot of non-opportunities.

“How do I run a 100-lead campaign and then focus on the 10, 20, or 30 most promising leads – leads that meet all of the key criteria for success – and add a significant portion of them to the sale pipeline?” I need an “Easy” button for lead gen or the pipeline.

Perhaps we should structure our offering to reduce the complexity our customers need to consider to just one of two questions:

1) “How many quality leads can I afford to deliver to sales each quarter?” (Marketing)

 2) “How many strong, new, high quality additions to my pipeline–customers who have budget and are looking for my solution–do I want each quarter?”  (Sales)

PROBLEM: I can’t afford traditional sales support, and I don’t have the resources in house. But I need to boost my sales pipeline now. In an environment that is hostile to building the in-house team that is necessary to generate and qualify leads, what do I do?

ANSWER: A cloud-style services resource for marketing and sales, instead of head count for these functions.

TechTrove/SmartClick/Porter will take it from there by:

  1. Selecting/curating or sponsoring the creation of independent content.
  2. Generating and refining leads (deliverable #1).
  3. Qualifying and advancing leads through to a warm hand off to the sales team (deliverable #2).

Porter Consulting: The Lead to Pipeline Services Cloud

The Lead-to-Pipeline service is getting leads into the sales pipeline. A warm handoff of the lead means it has been groomed and refined prior to you receiving it.  Specifically:

  1. We have spoken with the prospect directly.
  2. The information they have shared indicates their requirements meet the campaign prospect profile.
  3. Profile criteria have been scored (BANT etc).
  4. The prospect has agreed to meet with your sales team to hear about capabilities.
  5. We prep your team prior to the call.

The goal is two-fold: deliver a winnable pipeline and improve sales force skills.  This makes the program a win/win for sales and marketing.  In this approach, only the highest priority leads are taken through the lead refinement services.   The remainder of the leads in a campaign are prioritized by sales using standard processes.  The Lead to Pipeline Services (warm handoff) span:

  • Deal scoring.
  • Populating Salesforce with the lead-specific data.
  • Meetings with the customer — contacts with customers, web conferences, etc.

The Porter consultants delivering this service are experts in pre-sales in the IT Industry. They carry a quota, with years of experience driving sales in the IT industry.

What is Porter Consulting?

Porter Consulting: The Lead to Pipeline Services Cloud

Pipeline Services: Takes quality leads, refines them, and provides a warm hand off into the sales pipeline.

Porter Consulting’s efficient methodology fills that difficult gap between leads and the sales pipeline. Using defined methodology and sales expertise, Porter refines the sales leads and hands them off in a timely manner.

When we hand off a lead as part of the Lead-to-Pipeline Service, we have worked with the customer to ensure Porter consulting:

  1. Identifies the need
  2. Verifies timing
  3. Confirms their budget

Why Porter?

It is hard to run demand generation programs that create digital marketing leads and convert them into sales pipeline.  Typically, such leads receive second priority since they are only marginally qualified.  We can take your leads forward today.

Why TechTrove and Porter Consulting now?

IT professionals use an average of twelve resources to reach a buying decision. But wait, what percentage of the data can be trusted in the current market? How long before ‘Fake News’ stories lead to ‘Fake Content’ disasters?

The value of independent expert views and knowledge is at an all-time high, and its clearly time to do better than the status quo.

TechTrove provides a platform for content providers to make credible, independent, expert insight available at a fair market price. TechTrove connects IT professionals and vendors with independent content providers for the first time, in a market that ensures a profitable future for everyone.

Porter Consulting provides services that can efficiently take your leads and turn them into ready-to-close sales deals.   Porter enables your company sales team to: ​

  • Close more high-quality sales, quicker
  • Work new deals with new customers
  • Reduce the distraction and time waste associated with qualifying new and unknown sales leads

TechTrove creates a viable marketplace for unsponsored content that shifts the analyst market toward unsponsored content creation.

The combination of TechTrove’s identification of high-value prospects and Porter’s deal refinement gives you the pipeline your sales teams can deliver on.



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