Quick Video Service

Imagine if all you needed to make a video asset was a cell phone…and a participant. Porter Consulting Quick Videos can help you speak to your audience more effectively!

What is a Quick Video?

Porter Consulting has partnered with an innovative cloud-based video capture platform to record quality videos with just a few clicks. Boost conversion rates, improve organic SEO, increase social media presence…quickly and affordably.

Porter Quick Video service is a complete turn-key video process, where we provide the platform for your executives, colleagues, or customers to record themselves from anywhere and on their own device. Give us the messaging and your objective for the videos you would like produced, and then hand off the work to us. We’ll take care of everything

No camera crew.  No lights.  No video producer.  No motion graphics artist.

We make video testimonials accessible to anyone by taking away the complexity, the exorbitant costs, the logistical headaches, and the editing expertise required completely out of the equation.

Now you can create effective customer testimonials, training, or sales videos quickly, on time and within budget.

Did you know?

Why you need it

Use Porter Consulting’s Quick Video to:

Boost your Conversion rates

Improve your organic SEO

Fuel your social media feeds

Slash the cost & time to create customer proof videos

If you would like more information, please contact us at info@porterconsulting.net.