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In my article 6 Reasons to Partner with a Marketing Agency, I discuss how today’s digital transformation touches all business processes – from engineering and services to manufacturing and marketing – affecting not only the product delivery model, but also the Buyer’s Journey.

This article delves into the product delivery model (with marketing being the product) and how it mirrors what’s going on in other areas of the technology industry today. Consider how digital transformation has affected software development, for example. You might have heard the term “scrum”. Scrum, in software development lingo, refers to the agile framework for managing work (highlighted in the Agile Manifesto) Scrum, at its most basic level, is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products.  Scrum is designed to help businesses be more productive, collaborate, and build better products faster, and it’s cropping up everywhere. The ability to scale up and down according to need is getting companies to think differently about how they approach different business disciplines, even marketing, in the first place.

Addressing today’s needs with scalable resources

Just as a software engineer might spin up a service using scrum when required for testing, innovative companies are beginning to consider how to obtain the marketing and sales talent they need, when they need it. As discussed in Rob Biederman’s blog, The Future of Work: Solving Problems Through a Flexible Workforce, businesses are broadening their talent pool,  to achieve greater scalability and flexibility by partnering with outside agencies.

The blog points out that today’s companies are challenged with attracting the right talent for any number of reasons. They may be facing geographic issues, addressing problems they’ve never before encountered, or looking for a better return on their investments (ROI). In any case, new methods are required. As necessity is the mother of invention, companies like GE and Samsung are adopting flexible approaches to its workforce by backfilling and addressing capability gaps by partnering with agencies filled with experts.

This is different than hiring an agency who wants to come in, analyze what you do, and then provide you with a report on how to do it better or sell you on their particular email campaign application. What’s highlighted is how businesses need to partner with consultants who understand their business, can come up to speed quickly, roll up their sleeves and get to work right away. Resources from these types of agencies hone in on your business processes, learn and apply them, and cost you very little in time and effort. They don’t make you change the way you do things – they work within the parameters you provide and act as an extension of your own marketing department.

Digital transformation and disruption has required businesses to think outside the box

Today’s digital transformation emphasizes the need for scalability in business models. To achieve it, businesses now recognize that they must remove capacity constraints by looking outside of the corporate box. An MIT Sloan Management Review article last winter examined how many companies are adding scalability by collaborating with partners they have come to know and love in new and different ways, encouraging them to play a larger role in the business. It points out how the flexibility afforded through these new models helped companies deal with talent acquisition and countering the effects of external pressures, such as new competitors, regulatory issues, or economic fluctuations. The article relates to not only the need to scale human resources, but digital ones as well.

Many companies today are shifting to these more open, scalable, and flexible business models, such as Red Hat, Amazon, Apple, Tupperware, Google, and Groupon. Partnering with marketing agencies like Porter Consulting will help you offload time-consuming tasks so you can focus on strategic business issues. Through our ability to provide analyst, marketing, and brand services, as well as channel and sales support, Porter Consulting can help bring greater flexibility to your business.

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