Using Social Media to Create a Business Powerhouse

Want to generate more business using your website?  Want potential customers to understand more about your business?  Want to build greater interest in your company?  Porter Consulting can you help you accomplish this.

If your company is like ours much of your new business comes from referrals by satisfied clients.  How do you move beyond that, to new markets? How can you get the word out on your company and get more positive attention?  We understand your need and can help you grow your business.

Incorporating Website Redesign and Social Media into your Marketing Mix

An effective way to improve interest in your company is to redesign your website so that it grabs the attention of internet search engines.  Another easy thing to do is to add social media to your marketing mix.  We recommend three low-cost steps to improve the attention your website receives and to enhance your social media presence.  

Website Redesign for Enhanced Social Media Presence: A makeover of your website to enhance its social media presence and make the site easier to find on the web. No content or graphics need to be changed. However, as part of the redesign process we would introduce enhancements that bring to the front blogs, videos, and customer stories to grab and maintain the interest of potential clients.

Retargeting Campaign:  When a visitor goes to your business website, they do not always buy or opt-in. Most of the time they will continue to browse through the Internet forgetting all about the website(s) visited. Retargeting is a way to visually remind a visitor of a site they left behind on a previous search. Most larger companies are now using this technology.

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