Do You See a Return-on-Investment with Your Social Media Marketing?
In the last few years, companies have invested heavily in social media marketing. Yet, according to a recent research, measuring its return on investment (ROI) has been difficult. In our experience many companies in the small-to-medium (SMB) business-to-business (B2B) space have found it hard to justify the expense. Many of our clients ask us, “is it really worth the time and effort involved?
We’d like to know what you think. If you are an SMB B2B company using social media marketing, please take a moment to complete our short, 8-question survey.  As a thank-you, we’ll provide you with a link to our results.

This survey will collect personal information, including your email address.  We collect email addresses to provide respondents with survey results. We may also contact you to see if you are interested in participating in future research. We do not share your information.  Please see our Privacy Policy.

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