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This 45-minute workshop defines your priorities and goals, assets and activities. Working jointly with your team, our industry experts’ goal is to make you shine –– by getting some projects off your plate. 

What do I get?

A personalized plan with our top three recommendations based on your unique goals. Whether it’s tackling low-hanging fruit like producing certain content, stepping in while a new hire ramps up, or optimizing processes.

Applying Your Game Plan

If you like us, we’ll do the work, making the plan and getting things done to lighten your load. Together, we’ll leverage experience and know-how to assure you succeed. 


About Porter ConsultinG

Porter Consulting provides business-to-business marketing and technology services to companies around the world. We work with clients of all sizes—from small organizations to Fortune 500—to better understand their markets and customers to help grow revenue and increase their market share.

The Porter Consulting team of marketing professionals, branding experts, and content creators are strategically located around the world with one mission in mind: to support our clients in attaining and maintaining market leadership.

Your schedule is our schedule – so we can adapt to your business’s ever-changing marketing needs. This way we can deliver data-driven results that always align to your goals, no matter where you’re located.


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We’ve secured top talent with deep technology domain knowledge, so you don’t have to.​


We can augment your sales, marketing, and technical deliverables or program requirements, or we can create them from scratch.


We can work on small, short term assignments or global, large scale projects and strategic initiatives.


We’ll bring the best minds to the table to develop strategy and create collateral that builds trust, creates awareness, and accelerates the sales cycle.

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Our experts are on your side, doing everything it takes to get the job done right – from the first consultation to your daily needs.