About Us

Our team is made up of strategic and tactical consultants
with experience in various markets.

With offices in the US, Paris, and Singapore, we have your needs covered.

We have dedicated and committed experts that address operational needs such as strategy and analysis, messaging and value propositions, creative design and collateral creation, social media marketing, customer reference marketing, web design, program creation and maintenance, and project management—at all levels.

“I started Porter consulting over 20 years ago to provide a full range of specialized sales, marketing, and analyst services to drive our clients’ businesses and deliver measurable results, providing a full blown dedicated marketing staff – capable of delivering a wide range of content without the additional overhead. I only work with talented professionals who are independent experts in specialized domains. And they work with you like they work for your company—without the overhead.”
Brad Porter, Principal

If you would like more information, please contact us at info@porterconsulting.net.